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Election procedure as stated in ISCA Statutes § 7


“The General Assembly shall elect the Executive Committee.

Nominations with acceptance by the nominal person of the position are valid only if they have been received by the President six weeks at least before the General Assembly

The President must forward these nominations to all General Assembly delegates four weeks before the General Assembly.


In case one or more of the nominees withdraw or are not elected, nominees can be taken from the floor."


Available Positions


President: 1

Vice-presidents: 2

EC Members: 5

Nominations received

By the deadline (7th of september) for nomination of candidates to ISCA Executive Committee ISCA has received the following nominations



Mogens Kirkeby (nominated by Danish Gymnastics Associations, Denmark)


Vice presidents (in order of receipt):

Herbert Hartmann (nominated by Deutscher Turner Bund, Germany)

Maria Luiza Souza Dias (nominated by Servico Social Comercio, SESC sp, Brazil)


Members (in order of receipt) :

Liliana Ortiz de la Cruz (nominated by Compensar, Colombia)

Cheung Siu Yin (nominated by the Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China)

Toni Llop (nominated by Unio Barcelonina d’Associacions Esportives, UBAE Catalonia, Spain)

Jean-Claude Arnaud (nominated by Union Sportive de l'Enseignement du Premier Degré, USEP, Frrance)

Jakub Kalinowski (nominated by the Volunteers for sport, V4 Sport, Poland)

Philippe Machu (nominated by the Union Française des Oeuvres Laïques d'Education Physique, UFOLEP, France)


Below, you will find nomination letters and personal CVs/motivations of candidates (page updated as information is received in the ISCA office).


Philippe Machu has later withdrawn his candidature. You can see the motivation just below.

Philippe Machu motivation for withdrawal (PDF, 0.70 MB)

Nomination Letters

Find below the nomination letters of the candidates' organisations.

Mogens Kirkeby nomination - DGI (OCX, 61.71 KB)

Herbet Hartmann nomination - DTB (PDF, 0.28 MB)

Maria Luiza Souza Dias nomination - SESC (PDF, 0.36 MB)

Liliana Ortiz de la Cruz nomination - COMPENSAR (PNG, 9.21 MB)

Cheung Siu Yin nomination - GAHK (PDF, 0.39 MB)

Toni Llop nomination - UBAE (JPG, 28.86 KB)

Jean-Claude Arnaud nomination - USEP (PDF, 0.17 MB)

Jakub Kalinowski nomination - V4Sport (PDF, 0.18 MB)

Motivation from candidates

Mogens Kirkeby



Mogens Kirkeby CV (PDF, 0.17 MB)

Mogens Kirkeby vision for ISCA (PDF, 0.30 MB)

DGI supporting ISCA (PDF, 0.20 MB)

Herbert Hartmann



CV Hartmann (DOC, 0.29 MB)

Hartmann Vision (DOC, 20.5 KB)

DTB supporting ISCA (DOC, 20.5 KB)

Maria Luiza Souza Dias



CV Maria Luiza (PDF, 49.22 KB)

Vision Maria Luiza (PDF, 19.89 KB)

SESC support to ISCA (PDF, 46.70 KB)

Liliana Ortiz de la Cruz



Liliana Ortiz de la Cruz CV (PDF, 0.17 MB)

Liliana Ortiz de la Cruz vision (PDF, 85.81 KB)

Compensar Supporting ISCA (PDF, 0.14 MB)

Cheung Siu Yin



Siu Yin Cheung CV (PDF, 8.54 KB)

Toni Llop



Toni Llop CV (PDF, 6.48 KB)

Toni Llop vision for ISCA (PDF, 66.98 KB)

UBAE supporting ISCA (PDF, 69.40 KB)

Jean-Claude Arnaud



Jean-Claude Arnaud CV (PDF, 0.17 MB)

Jean-Claude Arnaud vision for ISCA (PDF, 0.16 MB)

USEP supporting ISCA (PDF, 0.17 MB)

Jakub Kalinowski



Jakub Kalinowski speech (M4A, 1.26 MB)

Jakub Kalinowski CV (PDF, 40.33 KB)

Jakub Kalinowski vision for ISCA (PDF, 46.84 KB)