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Quality standards in Sport for all

ISCA members, Finnish Gymnastics Federation, SVOLI from Finland and DGI from Denmark, discussed and planed together a programme with the main subject Quality Mark/Quality Standards in sport for all clubs. Finnish Gymnastics Federation, SVOLI is working with the concept PRIIMA and DGI-DIF with Quality Mark for ClubFitness.

»We can all learn more about each other, and through this knowledge we can each make positive steps to ensure we work in an inclusive and positive environment, and bring this approach into work with our members« says Anders Kragh Jespersen, Project manager from DGI

Working together as PATHE Partners

Heidi Kaartinen, PRIIMA coach from Finland explains: “PATHE project in Finland is connected to quality development work. Finnish Gymnastics Federation has created the PRIIMA-validation process for the gymnastic clubs. A club with PRIIMA-certificate fulfils certain criteria. In the Finnish language word “priima” means “excellent”, “fine” or “special” and the PRIIMA a certificate is a quality standard for clubs. “


PRIIMA – Quality Gymnastic Clubs program was founded to develop a tool, which will help the clubs to develop and market their health related activities and find a deeper, regular and systematic contact to and between clubs within adults health- and fitness gymnastics.


PRIIMA program was piloted in 2006 and the first certificates were awarded in 2007. The re-evaluation of these pilot clubs starts next year, 2010. This re-evaluation is done by two main reasons: first, to ensure that the clubs have continued their high quality operations and second, to ensure that the clubs are still meeting the PRIIMA quality criteria.


The PRIIMA quality criteria are as follows:

        The club offers instructed group fitness activities and health related gymnastics regularly for adults. The club’s activity schedule is as versatile as possible and can be relied upon by the members.

        The club has also compiled and made available written descriptions of the classes offered.

        The club offers possibilities to its adult members to take part in events such as performances or other gymnastics happenings.

        All of the club’s instructors have the necessary training/education to teach accredited adult gymnastics classes.

        All the activities are held in a safe environment and instructors are trained to deal with cases of emergency.

        A PRIIMA club is committed to the club’s development and collects feedback from its members in order to evaluate its present status against the quality criteria


Saska Benedicic Tomat, PATHE project coordinatorexpresses her respect to DGI and SVOLI initiatives and activities for developing innovative and creative ways in which 2 National Sport for All (SFA) Associations have joined forces to improve the healthy lifestyle, to promote of healthy habits, new ideas of a balance diet and regular physical activity, focusing on quality standards in Sport for All Associations/clubs.


»PATHE helps us to develop our support for the gymnastic clubs in health related exercise and health promotion, to develop tools in PRIIMA-programme (evaluation formulars, electric documentation, ideas for education days) and our volunteery work. We feel that international attention and consultation is a notable gift and thanks for our volunteer PRIIMA coaches and volunteers in our clubs. They have got a good feeling about doing the right and important work, because other countries and organizations are developing similar issues just now.« says  Leeni Asola-Myllynen from Finland, Health Activities Manager in SVOLI.


Working together as PATHE Partners, having meetings and sharing the experiences and knowledge, developing details for PRIIMA and DGI-DIF Quality Mark, DGI and SVOLI found and developed similarities in projects:

-both have volunteer experts, who have been with in the developing process of systems

-both have good knowledge and experience of gymnastic clubs, also knowledge of local and national conditions

- both projects benefit from a proces describing values in the way they work with quality.

-they organize meetings for new clubs and helps the clubs during the evaluation process

are playing a big role in developing the future of the clubs

-Both use “quality consultants” for clubs

-Both projects are not clarified of how to re-certificate the clubs for the first time and how to do it in the future – or even how to handle this. Is it the same procedure or is it a “light”-edition using self-evaluation?


Leeni and Anders agree that : »SVOLI promotes gymnastics activities for fitness enthusiasts and competitive gymnasts of various ages, and offers exciting experiences for everyone. Svoli realises its aim by supporting the gymnastics activities and voluntary work of the clubs...... DGI is a national organization, working with gymnastics, fitness & health, sport and cultural activities for member in all ages and in addition promoting youth and adult non-formal education of trainers and instructors ...... Both Associations have a long tradition of participation in international projects in many parts of the world, both are playing an active role in relation to health promotion and health prevention in Europe.  And we both belive that building up international networks »connect people« and bring hope for a better understanding between cultures and countries. This might be the most important long term effect.«