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Quality management in Sport for All

PATHE presents »Healthy story« from DGI - Denmark and CASPV - Czech Republic

The “Healthy story” highlights some of the innovative and creative ways in which 2 National Sport for All (SFA) Associations have joined forces to improve the healthy lifestyle, to promote of healthy habits, new ideas of a balance diet and regular physical activity , focusing on quality management in Sport for All Associations/clubs.

Quality Projects developed for the SFA Clubs

The main aims of the quality management in SFA Associations are contribution to maintaining and improving the health of members of the clubs, to lead members of the clubs for the application and enhancement of healthy lifestyles and to establish and implement a quality management of the Sport for All. Quality assurance and quality management are basically subject to the same quality requirements as the health system as a whole: evidence-based assurance of the quality of structure, process and outcome.

The purpose of the Quality Projects developed for the SFA Clubs is to improve the quality level for the benefit of the members, instructors and management.

Anders Kragh Jespersen, Project manager from DGI says:
"The Quality process must lead to continued improvement of performance – staying competitive, must lead to knowledge sharing among the training center, must document Quality assurance and support the preparation of certification. Not just the process and management but also the introduction/promotion of the Quality mark and activities help to realise our efforts to ensure and offer quality and health beneficial exercise programs in sport clubs and to constantly improve these programs. With the quality certification of the Physical activity program, the club is able to prove to the outer public that their offer of “healthy exercise programs” is of high quality. The Quality mark enables the people who are interested in exercise to find an exercise program that suits them best."

Miroslav Zitko, CASPV Secretary General explains the situation in Czech Republic:
"Nowadays Czech society prefers professional and (endurance) elite sports. Sport for All (SFA) is on the edge of public interest. This is projected to all levels of the state and the business subjects. The current situation makes the position of SFA quite difficult to acquire resources for a further development. The change of the situation depends on the change of a current society values. Obviously, it is a long-term task. The Czech republic lacks an act on body culture, which would solved the area of human activity, with contemporary level of knowledge and needs of human." That is why CASPV emphasizes that the most important priority in the Association is to ensure professionally managed, organized and regular physical activity year-round member of the SFA, with an emphasis on health as a target in terms of associations throughout the Czech Republic.

DGI and CASP know that the management must be in charge of the process and the documentation of the quality in the center, that the team of instructors must be involved in the description and the policy and procedures of the training center and that process must not be experienced as bureaucratic – but as an exiting development project. Both organizations are very much aware that the Education system is the basis for the development of quality management and development of the clubs. The health,fitness instructor and trainers competence framework must specifies the minimum skills and competencies required by the instructor to safely carry out the range of job roles that they might be required to undertake at different levels within the Health and Fitness Industry.

The “Quality standards” in SFA Associations which organize the physical activity must to be based upon goals :
  • to strength the physical sources of health
  • to strength the psycho-social sources of health
  • to reduce the number of risk factors
  • to deal with complaints and problems connected with health
  • to get the people used to health beneficial physical activity
  • to improve the motive abilities

DGI from Denmark and CASPV from Czech Republic met on the PATHE Consultation meeting in May 2009 with the intention to create the “Bilateral agreement” for friendly cooperation primarily in the fields of sport for all and quality management. After the meeting Miroslav Zitko explained that » The project of the quality managing of the physical training in the SFA clubs brings a bright new point of view and an approach to the operation of the SFA clubs, leads officials and trainers to perform actions in new way, pronounces and incorporates a process control to the SFA clubs, process approach, focuses all the efforts of the officials and the trainers to make the members comfortable, and keep and better their health.
SFA departments are introduced with the system of quality activity, to reach the »Certification of Quality«. Project brings all-scale of inovatives and moves to sustain maintence and development of activities of the SFA clubs in purpose to satisfy needs of its members.«

Miroslav and Anders agree that » striving for giving every single person the opportunity to be an active human being in a strong social context with a high quality in all aspects - and do this in well organized and easy accessible conditions, we need to help each other by sharing knowledge and experience. PATHE is an investment in development and comes back as added value for all the participants.«

Quality management in Sport for All (PDF, 0.10 MB)