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Interview with James Conn from SALSC

Name: James Conn

Position: President

Organization: SALSC, Scotland

Country: United Kindom



1.              Within your specific national project and geographic location (country), what are the most important issues for the PATHE - Physical Activity Towards a Healthier Europe to address in order to better the health status, health promotion and sport/health activities?


It is important that we deliver an attractive alternative lifestyle to our population particularly starting with the pre school age group to encourage a diversity of physical activities which become the norm throughout their lives.


2. What partnerships/activities do you feel are necessary within your national project/country that would help further the efforts of ISCA and your Association with PATHE in providing increased and more comprehensive services for national organizations in the Health/health promotion activities?


Our involvement in the PATHe project brings examples of good practice from different countries which provides a range of proven tools and resources.


3. What are the adaptations/innovations/changes in your association via PATHE   that you have either implemented or developed that has helped provide a more effective or efficient health/health promotion/physical activities? 


Our project is not far enough advanced to give a proper response. But I am sure that the coordination with USEP will bring us their experinces which can provide answers to international preoccupations in the field of health and PA, particularly  concerning the fight against physical inactivity in conjunction with nutrition and healthy lifestyle. USEP school associations meet around physical activities and sports and get this opportunity to express the educational and social values of a practice healthy and balanced. Exchanging our practices, comparing our experiences will promote mutual enrichment, which is why  SALSC wish to participate in the project PATHE carried by ISCA.



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