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Interview with Paolo Adami

PATHE leader from Collaborating partner - FIAF

1.              Within your specific national project and geographic location (country), what are the most important issues for the PATHE - Physical Activity Towards a Healthier Europe to address in order to better the health status, health promotion and sport/health activities?

They should raise the awareness of the various stakeholders in the importance of the physical activity for health and wellbeing.


2. What partnerships/activities do you feel are necessary within your national project/country that would help further the efforts of ISCA and your Association with PATHE in providing increased and more comprehensive services for national organizations in the Health/health promotion activities?

Any activities which would sensitize and stimulate the recognition of the importance of physical activity in disease prevention and health enhancement.


3. What are the adaptations/innovations/changes in your association via PATHE   that you have either implemented or developed that has helped provide a more effective or efficient health/health promotion/physical activities? 

We compared our quality standards with those of SUS and were able to benchmark those standards, which for the most part were very similar.


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