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Interview with Helga G Guðjónsdóttir from UMFI

Name: Helga G Guðjónsdóttir

Position: Chairwoman of UMFÍ

Organization: UMFÍ

Country: Iceland



1.Within your specific national project and geographic location (country), what are the most important issues for the PATHE - Physical Activity Towards a Healthier Europe to address in order to better the health status, health promotion and sport/health activities?


Sport for all – that every person, from 0 age to 100 years old, have the opportunity to take a part in some health activities. The Icelandic authorities has made an overall plan for public health which will hopefully take part in our country within two years. In this plan the focus on sport for all is one of the important issue in order to better the health status in Iceland.


2. What partnerships/activities do you feel are necessary within your national project/country that would help further the efforts of ISCA and your Association with PATHE in providing increased and more comprehensive services for national organizations in the Health/health promotion activities?


The  overall plan for public health is one of the things that will help UMFÍ and its Association to provide and increase more comprehensive services in health promotion activities. Cooperation and partnership between the national sports and youth organizations in Iceland is also a good way in this process.



3. What are the adaptations/innovations/changes in your association via PATHE   that you have either implemented or developed that has helped provide a more effective or efficient health/health promotion/physical activities? 


UMFÍ as an association has through the years been leading many health programs for all. This has been program like; walking programs, running and swimming programs and fitness programs. ULM is a national youth sport program which has been held during the year 2012 in tweenthy years.This program has been developed as a program where young people 11 – 18 years old can be together as compititors and as friends but the aim is fist and last to provide health promotion activities. To day this is the biggest event in Iceland every year, about one thousand to two thousand youngsters are taking part. This is also an event where the families are together so there is about ten thousand people taking part in ULM.


How UMFÍ is able to implement or develope via PATHE by taking part in the program and focusing on what other collaboratives are doing through the PATHE program. UMFI is very keen on DGI project and we are very hopeful that this will be done here in Iceland and it is very helpful to know that we can rely on DGI to help us along the way and we are very grateful to be a part of this project with PATHE and thank DGI for their initiatives in Iceland. They are doing a very good job for us.


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