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INTERVIEW with Vladimír Dostál

PATHE leader from Collaborating Partner SOKOL

Name:  Vladimír Dostál
Position:  Head of International Affairs
Organization: Czech Sokol Organization
Country: Czech republic

1. Within your specific national project and geographic location (country), what are the most important issues for the PATHE - Physical Activity Towards a Healthier Europe to address in order to better the health status, health promotion and sport/health activities?
Within the PATHE project we have decided to focus on our youngest generation doing sport with their parents (sometimes grandparents). As you will see it brings two evident effects. First, health development and sports development of young kids themselves and consequently involvement of their parents. Another »added value« is building social relations of a new quality within the families.
With respect not only to our geographic location in the center of Europe but also to the traditions and general popularity of some kinds of sports the scale of activities of children and their parents is really wide. These activities include both those indoor – various kinds of gymnastics, games, dances – and outdoors, in nature; in summer-time learning to swim in nature and various other activities in summer camps, in winter-time all convenient ice and snow sports, mainly skating and skiing.    

2. What partnerships/activities do you feel are necessary within your national project/country that would help further the efforts of ISCA and your Association with PATHE in providing increased and more comprehensive services for national organizations in the Health/health promotion activities?
Successful running and results of our project (Children and Parents) depend also on good partnerships between SOKOL Organization and other subjects - both within the Czech Republic and abroad. In the Czech Republic we take advantage of positive relations and cooperation with the Czech Association Sport for All (common courses, seminars, literature, some events) and specially with respect to our project with the Health Insurance Company. As to the international cooperation it is very important to find the organization with very similar aims and program. In this respect, I believe, we were very lucky that ŠUS (Slovenia) took us as a collaborating partner as their project “Zdravo društvo” is something that can motivate us in our activities. Therefore I find one of the tasks for ISCA to assist to seek and find the appropriate partners in various projects generally.

3. What are the adaptations/innovations/changes in your association via PATHE   that you have either implemented or developed that has helped provide a more effective or efficient health/health promotion/physical activities?
Our PATHE project is a “long term (or never ending?) story” which comes out of our long tradition and will be developed in the years to come. Frankly said, PATHE “pushes us” to be more active in this field and accelerates the process. We created the complete list of the SOKOL units with the section of the Exercises of Parents and Children with the contact addresses which will be published on our central web sites and with the mutual pro-link to the web sites of health insurance company where the participants can find the benefits available from the company. Also the respective commission and staff of this kind of exercises have intensified their activities and are ready to publish new methodical materials.

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