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INTERVIEW with Miroslav Zitko

PATHE leader from Collaborating Partner CASPV

Name: Miroslav Zítko
Position: Secretary General
Organization: Czech Association Sport for All
Country: Czech Republic

1. Within your specific national project and geographic location (country), what are the most important issues for the PATHE - Physical Activity Towards a Healthier Europe to address in order to better the health status, health promotion and sport/health activities?


The main aims of project:
  1. Contribute maintaining and improving the health of members of the CASPV
  2. Lead members of the CASPV for the application and enhancement of healthy lifestyles.
  3. Establish and implement a quality management of the Sport for All (SFA)

The most important priorities:
  • Ensure professionally managed, organized and regular physical activity year-round member of the SFA, with an emphasis on health as a target in terms of associations throughout the Czech Republic.
  • The availability of the project for all departments SFA without discriminatory conditions and the openness of the project to the general public and other sports organizations, civic associations and clubs (the possibility to follow the example CASPV)
  • Differentiated program lifelong health of humans from 2 years to late old age through the controlled movement activities.
  • The emphasis on the procedural approach to integrated quality management activities of the SFA.
  • Shifting the center of gravity of quality in basic organizational CASPV- article in the department (section) SFA, as close as possible to about 260 000 trade union members SFA.
  • Maintain funding for the near term at current levels, and continuously improve the material conditions for trade union activities in the SFA.
  • Quality – Innovation – Voluntary
  • Cooperate with other organizations and institutions dealing with the care of human health in the Czech Republic and as far as possible to forge cooperation and abroad.
  • Continuously improve our education system to ensure a skilled trainer and instructor for the conduct of trade union sections SFA.

2. What partnerships/activities do you feel are necessary within your national project/country that would help further the efforts of ISCA and your Association with PATHE in providing increased and more comprehensive services for national organizations in the Health/health promotion activities?

Today Czech society prefers professional and (endurance) elite sports. Sport for All (SFA) is on the edge of public interest. This is projected to all levels of the state and the business subjects. The current situation makes the position of SFA quite difficult to acquire resources for a further development. The change of the situation depends on the change of a current society values. Obviously, it is a long-term task. The Czech republic lacks an act on body culture, which would solved the area of human activity, with contemporary level of knowledge and needs of human.

1. It would be very helpful for project PATHE, to work out a conferentiation of ISCA government-level like representatives, particularly ministry of education, about funding project PATHE within CASPV, by setting apart regular annual special-purpose financial resources (e.g. to introduce »Certification of Quality«).  
2. Aimed activity of ISCA management is to benefit development of sport of all, including project PATHE, in relevant control structures of EU, Czech government and non-government organization
3. The Czech republic fails to get media in necessary amount for more expressive propagation and popularization of sport for all (wide contemporary society value orientation).

3. What are the adaptations/innovations/changes in your association via PATHE   that you have either implemented or developed that has helped provide a more effective or efficient health/health promotion/physical activities?  

The Project PATHE, which is incorporated in the CASPV, is based on world-known contemporary management, marketing and findings from other field of research.

»The project of the quality managing of the physical training at the SFA clubs«:                  
  • Brings a bright new point of view and an approach to the operation of the SFA clubs;
  • Leads officials and trainers to perform actions in new way
  • Pronounces and incorporates a process control to the SFA clubs; process approach;
  • Prefers integrated quality managing of the physical training process at the SFA clubs;
  • Focuses all the efforts of the officials and the trainers to make the members comfortable, and keep and better their health;
  • Leads the SFA department to introduce the system of quality activity, to reach the »Certification of Quality«
  • Demands transparent and uncompromising SFA clubs activity records, including SFA clubs’ divisions, and introduces an order and an self-discipline to the SFA clubs;
  • Introduces the institution of quality verification and evaluation of provided services and effectiveness of the SFA clubs;
  • Demands monitoring and survey of members’ contentment;
  • Directs SFA clubs’ leading officials to judge either activity outcomes, either fulfilling of presumptions, necessary to reach an optimal outcome.
  • Focuses efforts of the officials and the trainers to improve quality of activity and its continuous development;
  • Conditions management of training process by qualified trainers;
  • Requires setting of goals of quality for the SFA clubs and its division;
  • Introduces measuring, monitoring and testing of outcomes and effectiveness of the  physical training process on health of SFA department members;
  • Project brings all-scale of innovative and moves to sustain maintenance and development of activities of the SFA clubs in purpose to satisfy needs of its members;  

The project keeps in view the quality of activity on higher level. The quality capable to compete in European-wide range.

These 3 basic documents contains detailed information about conditions of PATHE-CASPV cooperation:
  • Directive M – 11/2009 establishes conditions and way of evaluation, and executive instructions. It also contains leads for incorporation of quality control system.
  • Directive M - 12/2009 consider verification of quality at the SFA clubs.
  • The Sample quality manual gives an example of management quality realization in specific SFA clubs.

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