ISCA Secretariat: Vester Voldgade 100, 2, DK-1552 Copenhagen, Denmark - CVR 29 50 05 41 Tel: +45 29 48 55 51 / [email protected]


Partners of pathe

Associate partners and contacts:


DGI, Danske Gymnastik og Indrætsforeninger
Danish Gymnastic and Sport Associations
Vingsted Skovvej 1
DK – 7100 Vejle

Project manager: Anders Kragh Jespersen, [email protected]


Športna Unija Slovenije
SUS, Sports Union of Slovenia
Koprska 94 a
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project Manager: Iztok Retar, [email protected]


UISP, Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti
Italian Sports for all Union
Largo Nino Franchellucci 73
00155 Roma, Italy

Project Manager: Ivano Maiorella
Evaluator: Loredana Rosa Uliana, [email protected]
National promotion; Paolo Recchia, [email protected]
Regional coordination: Stefania Marchesi


USEP, Union Sportive de l`Enseignement du Premier degre
3, rue recamier 75341
Paris Cedex 07, France

Project Manager: Pascale Portenart, [email protected]
Coordinator: Jean Claude Arnaud, [email protected]


Coordinating partner:

International Sport and Culture Association
Tietgensgade 65
1704 Copenhagen V, Denmark
Tel.:+4533 29 80 26
Fax: +45 33 29 80 28

Project Coordinator: Saska Benedicic Tomat, [email protected]


PATHE received funding from the European Union in the framework of the Public Health Programme 2003-2008, Executive Agency for Health and Consumers – grant agreement 2006338.