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Sport Union of Slovenia has developed a quality label (trade mark) “HEALTHY CLUB” for health directed movement and for exercise offers by the SUS members. The introduction of this label helps realize our efforts to ensure and offer quality and health beneficial exercise programs in sport societies and to constantly improve these programs.
Read the full SUS activity description in the PDF document below.

SUS National project: Healthy Club (PDF, 1.59 MB)


Let’s give us a move” campaign was planned starting by the reading of the statistical data: in Italy, the majority of children is really sedentary, spending, already at 6 years old, an average of more than 2 hours watching TV; they play passive games and do not consider the outdoor ones which are more physically exacting. Moreover, we have to be aware that, progressively, free time activities, played in the park, in green spaces and in extemporised game fields, which, for years and years, have contributed to develop spontaneously the motricity, creativity and sociality of entire generations of children is going to disappear.
Read the full UISP activity description in the PDF document below.

UISP National project: Lets give us a move (PDF, 0.50 MB)

My health in Games - France

USEP highlighted the education in the health trough the sports practice. On the slogan “My Health in Games”, children organize and participate in forums of discussion and meetings. They illustrate as well as represents for them the notion of health and the way of expressing in sports activities.
The main aim is to develop the taste of a regular and well balanced sports practice and so contribute to the education in health of children.
Read the full USEP activity description in the PDF document below.

USEP National project: My Health games (PDF, 0.21 MB)

Forenings fitness – Club Fitness - Denmark

The Club Fitness project wants to:
  • to play an active role in relation to health promotion and health prevention for the entire population
  • to contribute at preserving the club sport strong and attractive
  • to offer every club member a flexible training activity, that oblige individual needs for exercise in the frame of the club system.
Read the full DGI activity description in the PDF document below.

DGI National Project - Training Centres (PDF, 3.34 MB)

DGI Fitness & Health - Denmark

The purpose of Fitness & Health is to develop educations within this area to ensure a high level of quality in the education programme, specially among the teachers in DGI, which is a benefit for the members, instructors and management in the clubs.
Read the full DGI activity description in the PDF document below.

DGI National project - fitness health (PDF, 0.18 MB)

Foreningsfitness Quality Project - Denmark

The purpose of the Quality Project is to improve the quality level for the benefit of the members, instructors and management.
The Quality process must:
  • lead to continued improvement of performance – staying competitive
  • lead to knowledge sharing among the training center
  • document Quality assurance
  • support the preparation of certification
Read the full DGI activity description in the PDF document below.

DGI National project - Quality mark (PDF, 2.95 MB)


PATHE received funding from the European Union in the framework of the Public Health Programme 2003-2008, Executive Agency for Health and Consumers – grant agreement 2006338.