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PATHE Declaration

Declaration on Physical activity and health promotion

PATHE Conference adopts Declaration on Physical activity and health promotion

Belgrade, Serbia, 24.4.2010

PATHE Conference participants, representing more than 13 Sport for All associations and other stakeholders from all over Europe.


  • confirm that Public Health has become prominent on the political agenda in the past few years and will continue to constitute a huge national and international challenge in the years to come. Sedentary lifestyles, physical inactivity and obesity are some of the obstacles on the “healthy road of life”. For individuals and for nations, this health challenge has a huge impact, both socially and financially. Sport and its widespread organisational structures provide a valuable setting where people can be reached, motivated and assisted to change their lifestyle and improve personal health.
    This unique value of the sport organisations is ready to be utilised further and enriched through quality programmes and activities.


    • reaffirm the value of cooperation between Sport for All Associations, of cross border and euroregional exchange and inspiration in order to increase capacity to develop health promotion and - prevention activities as well as goal-oriented health enhancing physical exercise programmes


    • welcome the establishment of a constructive dialogue with stakeholders at the European and national level and call on the European Commission to further strengthen its on-going dialogue and cooperation with the world of sport for all in relation to health promotion. In particular, participants call on the European Commission to include in the upcoming Sport Programme sport and health programmes to support cross-border transfer of good practises, international knowledge sharing and development of common health sport initiatives.

    Regarding quality management

    • state “With Quality Management of Physical Activity programs and Healthy Exercise programs,  the associations and clubs are able to document to the public and stakeholders that their offer of Physical Activity programs and Healthy Exercise programs are of high quality. The Quality Criteria enable people who are interested in exercise to find the program that suits them best. The Quality Management processes of health/health promotion/physical activities must lead to continued improvement of performance to stay competitive, must lead to knowledge sharing among the actors, clubs and stakeholders, must document Quality Assurance and must support the preparation of certification. Not just the process and management but also the promotion of Quality Criteria and related activities help to realise our efforts to ensure and offer quality and health beneficial exercise programs in sport clubs and to constantly improve these programs. “

    Regarding physical activity for children and youth

    • state: “Regular physical activity for children and adolescents is necessary for their physical fitness, confidence, happiness and to lead a healty lifestyle. It has many benefits including promoting healthy growth and development, reducing the risk of developing disease later in life and increasing self esteem in both young children and adolescents. It is a great way to socialise and can bring communities together. It is essential that Physical Activity Programs for children and youth are specifically targeted the respective age groups and developed with high quality and attention to the needs, feelings and life situations of the children and youth in their different settings.“

    Regarding the continuing of cooperation and new initiatives

    • commit to sharing their knowledge in health-enhancing physical activity and exercise programs and  to exchange best practices and educational and promotional materials from local, national and international initiatives.

    Regarding best practises

    • commit to sharing and valorising the best practises that have been presented at the conference and collected in the PATHE handbook as well as new practises that are surely arising.


    • encourage further overall theoretical and methodological development of concepts and strategies that can be the framework for such implementatin of best practise.


    With the PATHE projectSport for All organisations have committed to involving themselves in health prevention and -promotional activities. The results are manifest in campaigns and activities by associate and collaboring partners, which are documented in the Pathe Handbook.


    During the PATHE Period cross border exchange and inspiration from existing and future health promotional initiatives were developed through twinning and consultation activities between associate and collaborating partners and disseminated via ISCA channels and public events of PATHE (Seminar 2008, Seminar 2009 and Closing Conference 2010).

    PATHE Declaration on physical activity and health promotion (PDF, 86.86 KB)


    PATHE received funding from the European Union in the framework of the Public Health Programme 2003-2008, Executive Agency for Health and Consumers – grant agreement 2006338.