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PATHE project is a long term process or never ending story

The PATHE Seminar 2009 was held in Copenhagen from 24th to 26th of October. It was organised under the ethos of alliance “for” and “with” PATHE Associate Partners, ISCA office and other PATHE partners. The aim was to inspire,  motivate, learn of the good examples and exchange information about our work on the political level in order to inspire and motivate the »designer« of national strategy and find the answer to the question “how to implement national strategy in the association working strategy” in the world of health and physical activity.

PATHE seminar 2009 report (PDF, 0.88 MB)


PATHE project initiative is a growing and expanding all over, thanks to PATHE Associate and Collaborating partners. 


PATHE Consultation meetings:


SUS Consultation meeting:

SUS - Serbian SFA Assictaion: Serbia, Sokobanja, 30.9. - 3.10.2009


USEP Consultation meeting:

USEP - Lets be active: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, 29.10. - 1.11.2009


UISP Twinning and Consultation meetings:

UISP - Montenegrin SFA Association, Montenegro, Podgorica, 13. - 15.9.2009

UISP - INATEL, October 2009


PATHE Seminar 2009 for Associate Partners (DGI, SUS, UISP and USEP)

Copenhagen 25. – 26.10.2009.  

PATHE upcoming events

PATHE Plans for 2009 are very ambitious, having consultation meetings in 13 European coutries, making the national action plans, transforming knowledge to action at citizens level and inspiring the Sport for All sector to improve and increase its contribution to creating better and healthier societies.


Here are PATHE upcoming events for April and May 2009:


DGI Consultation meetings :

DGI – UMFI: Iceland, 29.4 – 2.5.2009

DGI – CASPV: Czeck Republic,  5. – 7.5.2009


USEP Consultation meetings:

USEP – SALSC: Scotland, 29. – 31.5.2009


SUS Consultation meetings:

SUS - Czech Sokol: Prague, 11. – 12.5.2009

SUS - FIAF: Italy, 27. – 29.5.2009


More can be find in the attached file:

PATHE Calendar 2009



(PDF, 0.30 MB)

PATHE Midterm meeting for Associate Partners was in Franfurt

PATHE MIDTERM MEETING FOR PATHE ASSOCIATE PARTNERS  was in Frankfurt, 5. - 7.3.2009 hosted by DTB Germany.


Meeting participants:

Anders Kragh Jespersen, DGI project manager

Iztok Retar, SUS Project manager

Paolo Recchia, UISP Project manager

Jean Claude Arnaud, USEP Project manager

Saska Benedicic Tomat, PATHE project coordinator

Jacob Schouenborg, ISCA Secretary General 

Marvin Radford, ISCA/PATHE, Resource development officer  

Herbert Hartmann, ISCA Vice President


Meeting place:

Hotel Holiday Inn Frankfurt Airport-North


ISCA invited PATHE Project managers from Associate Partners to active participate on the PATHE Midterm meeting in Frankfurt and share experiences with other PATHE project managers.They are the core of the project and experts in their area. On the meeting were presented: activities in 2008, plans for 2009 and PATHE initiatives on the basis of twinning and evaluation results. We had working days full of brainstormings and challenges to transform our knowledge to motivation and action for the future activities.


Jacob Schouenborg, ISCA Secretary General, expressed his satisfaction with the project in general and with the partners contribution, his optimism for the future steps and readiness for finding changes in the project if they are necessary.



Invitation to the PATHE Midterm meeting for PATHE Associate partners


ISCA invites PATHE Associate partners to active participate on the PATHE Midterm meeting in Frankfurt, 5. -7.3.2009 and share experiences with all PATHE project managers from Associate partner organisations.  Project managers are the core of the project and experts in their area. 


PATHE Midterm meeting invitation (PDF, 0.46 MB)

The twinning meetings are designed to engage project partners and stakeholders in a bi-lateral exchange of knowledge and information on the promotion of health and physical activity.  Partners have been ‘matched’ according to existing relations and differing situations and approaches to promoting health and physical activity.   As well as twinnings between associate and collaborating partners, ISCA will be twinning with the stakeholders, and share the benefits of these with all partners. Stakeholders include WHO-European Regional Office, UNESCO, ENGSO, TAFISA, ICSSPE, CESS, Local Authorities in partner countries and HEPA Network.

Twinning activities in 2008:

Copenhagen: 9. - 11.11.2008, organized by DGI, Denmark

Collaborating partners: SVOLI from Finland, UMFI from Iceland and CASPV from Czech Republic


Ljubljana, Lasko: 20.11. - 22.11.2008, organized by SUS, Slovenia

Collaborating partners: FIAF from Italy, SOKOL from Czech Republic and Serbian Sport For All  Association


Paris: 27. - 29.11.2008, organized by USEP France

Collaborating partners: UCEC from Spain, NEMUNAS from Lithuania


Rome: 11. - 13.12.2008, organized by UISP, Italy

Collaborating partner: FFEPGV from France


The outcome of twinning were greater understanding of what other organizations are doing that may be different or complementary to own work in the field ‘promotion of health and physical activity’.


Twinning activities in 2009

Paris: 15. - 17.1.2009, organized by USEP, France

Collaborating partner: SALSC from Scotland and Lets be active from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Rome: 13. - 15.2.2009: organized by UISP, Italy

Collaborating partner: Montenegro Sport for All Association


Rome: April 2009, organized by UISP, Italy

Collaborating partner: INATEL from Portugal




Consultation will be offered to Collaborating partners based upon ‘current status’ feedback of twinning activities. Associate and Main partners will form a core consultation group. This group will be resourceful for Collaborative partners who are in the development stages of implementing a health and physical activity project. The project consultants will avail themselves to Collaborative partners for feedback, idea exchange, work plan development and funding development. This ‘knowledge transfer’ service will empower national SFA organizations to build initiatives and programmes that engage the general population thereby contributing to Physical Activity Towards a Healthier Europe. Local and regional authorities will be included in the work plan development of consultations.


Consultation activities in 2008:

Rome: 1. - 2.6.2008, organized by UISP, Italy

Ljubljana: 6.6.2008, organized by SUS, Slovenia

Paris: 27.11.2008, organized by USEP, France 


Consultation activities in 2009:


Tampare, Finland: 16. - 17.1.2009, organized by SVOLI, DGI Collaborating partner


Barcelona, Spain: 19. - 22.3.2009, organized by UCEC, USEP Collaborating partner


Vilnius, Lithuania: 3. - 5.4.2009, orangized by NEMUNAS, USEP Collaborating partner


Reykjavik, Iceland: 29.4. - 1.5.2009, organized by UMFI, DGI Collaborating partner


Prague, Czech Republic: 5. - 7.5.2009, organized by CASPV , DGI Collaborating partner 


Prague, Czech Republic: 11. - 12.5. 2009, organized by Czech SOKOL, SUS Collaborating partner


Rome, Italy: 15. - 17.5.2009, organized by FIAF, SUS Collaborating partner


Belgrade, Serbia: June 2009, organized by Serbian SFA ASsociation, SUS Collaborating partner


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: 2. - 4.10.2009, organized by Lets be active, USEP Collaborating partner

The PATHE  Seminar 2008 was held as part of the 2nd European Sport for All Congress in Barcelona, Spain from 23-26 October 2008.

More than 350 participants gathered together on the 2nd European Sport for All Congress, more than 180 participants came on the PATHE Seminar 2008, more than 30 leaders from PATHE Associate and Collaborating partner organisations got the opportunity to see best promotion, to get best experiences, to know best practices, to hear best presenters, to meet best speakers on the health and sport for all field.



PATHE Seminar 2008 report (PDF, 0.42 MB)



Details will come soon.



PATHE received funding from the European Union in the framework of the Public Health Programme 2003-2008, Executive Agency for Health and Consumers – grant agreement 2006338.