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MOVE target group

The MOVE project Target Group is composed by direct and indirect beneficiaries.
The direct (immediate beneficiaries) are:
1. European Stakeholders - apart from the Project Partners, a wide range of stakeholders will be addressed (via the Networking methodology) and engaged in committing and showcase partnerships to promote physical activity for health. The sectors represented by Partners will be the starting point of this outreach.


2. National and local stakeholders - via the project dissemination and Collaborating Partner Pilot Actions, national and local stakeholders will be addressed, inspired and engaged in cross-cutting partnerships. Specifically, the project focuses on Local Municipalities (via their school, health, community and sport departments), other civil society associations (eg youth or citizenship NGOs) and Private Sector (Play industry and fitness sector).

The Indirect (ultimate beneficiaries) are the citizens in:
1. disadvantaged urban areas (low-income residential areas);
2. rural areas with socio-economical challenges and low sport association penetration and poor PA infrastructure.

The citizens in particular focus in the project (living in the above areas) will be:


1. Youth (12-22 years old);
2. Ethnic minorities and immigrants;
3. Girls and women.


There is ample evidence that the participation both in sport and in physical activity generally are very frequently lower for these groups than for population averages. Further, these groups have been chosen as each of them suits well with a PA profile (ie. they are interested in doing PA with their peers).

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