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Good practice handbook and guidelines

Through the MOVE project the project partners will identify and qualify 200+ good practices in cross-cutting community initiatives to promote health-enhancing physical activity for the specific MOVE target group. The collection of good practices and formulation of guidelines on how best to target socioeconomically disadvantaged groups will serve as a source of inspiration and learning both for organizations as well as individuals engaged in the field of physical activity, sport for all and health enhancement.

WeMove web platform

The project web platform will play an important role in the process of collecting and promoting the good practices and will also serve as a hub for sharing information and news about project progress. At the end of the project, the platform will feature a database containing the good practices collected through an on-line survey. The survey is designed to collect descriptions from individuals and organizations of their practices, which will be submitted for evaluation in order to qualify as a good practice. The weMOVEyou web platform and database will be accessible to the general public.

Pilot projects

Building on the good practices collected and the guidelines, the final stage of MOVE will see the implementation of several pilot projects to promote physical activity in socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. The pilots will generate additional knowledge, especially in relation to issues of transferability and sustainability of the identified good practices, which is important for capacity-building. The pilots also play an important role in building and strengthening cross-sector partnerships to develop future health-enhancing physical activity initiatives for socially disadvantaged groups. The pilot projects will be implemented at the local or national level by MOVE’s collaborating partners.

MOVE2011 and MOVE2013 congresses

The two MOVE congresses serve as important platforms for sharing the learning points contained in the good practices and the pilot projects. The congresses will highlight the linkages and challenges between physical activity and outreach to socially disadvantaged groups and will feature national and local initiatives that engage the specific MOVE target group in innovative and successful ways. Each congress is expected to draw more than 300 participants from all over the world and from very diverse backgrounds: sport organizations and city administrators, private businesses and international institutions, political decision makers and local activists, club coaches and medical doctors.

MOVE general timeline



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