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HESE Health Enhancing Sport Exercise

(HESE) is a particular approach within the general Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) concept, which encompasses any form of physical activity that benefits health and functional capacity without undue harm or risk (s. WHO-Europe: Steps to Health).


The HESE approach follows the definition of “Physical Exercises” of the WHO document: “Exercise is a subset of physical activity, defined as planned, structured, and repetitive bodily movement to improve or maintain one or more components of physical fitness and health.”

Even if any form of physical activity may contribute to better health, the specially structured, goal oriented exercise programs can provide better and more stabilised health effects.


Within the general ISCA Health-Program a particular network of sport organisations and individuals has been formed with special interest in health enhancing physical activities, which are based on sporting physical exercise programs.

The HESE-Network exchanges knowledge and experiences, organises workshops and seminars, apply for projects, fosters cross-sectoral cooperation with other stakeholders and offer advice to other organisations, interested to implement this approach.


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