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Health Enhancing Sport Exercise (HESE) Network



ISCA Vice President Herbert Hartmann (DTB) states Sport and Health is one of the most important topics on the agenda of Sport for All organisations today. Indeed, health is a key topic for governments, individuals and a whole range of organisations world-wide. This is the backgroung for ISCA to establish a Health Network.


The ISCA Health Enhancing Sport Exercise (HESE) Network, to date including 9 partners, has been in contact via mail since the last ISCA Congress 2013 in Barcelona. As ISCA is currently working on a review of the ISCA Health and Fitness Program, it was decided to wait with further steps until the new version would be available. This with a view to be able on the one hand to link the HESE activities to other ISCA initiatives in the field of health promotion and to better decide on next steps within the particular HESE approach. A concept for “building organisational structures for HEPA/HESE activities in sport organisations” is still on the agenda as one of the main points of the HESE Network. It's planned to organise in spring 2015 an enlarged seminar under the more general topic of “Capacity building for HEPA in sport organisations”.


Contact to the network:

If you have an interest in joining this Network or know more about the topic, please contact ISCA office at [email protected]