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Gymnastics Network

ISCA Gymnastics Network has as its main objectives to promote an understanding among people across borders through Gymnastics and to encourage international participation among affiliated organizations. To extend those objectives, the network has been working to create and stimulate events and experiences in Gymnastics, discuss and define policies and programs, develop international exchanges at seminars, conferences, training courses and festivals, disseminate relevant information and develop actions to improve Gymnastics as part of the Sport for All movement.


The main tasks are:


• Education (for instructors, teachers and managers) - promoting
courses, workshops, camps, seminars, study tours and exchange of successful experiences and programs.

• Festivals – facilitating and stimulating the international
participation in festivals

• Information – disseminating all kind of information on Gymnastics
through ISCA’s webpage (courses, seminars, camps, festivals, publications, educational material. etc).


Present Networks Partners


  • UNICAMP, Brazil
  • SvoLi, Finland
  • DGI, Denmark
  • Blume Festival,  Gran Canaria
  • DTB, Germany
  • CASPV, Czech Republic
  • South East Asian Gymnastics Confederation, Asia


Contact to the network:


If you have an interest in joining this Network or know more about the topic, please contact network leader Elizabeth Paoliello (UNICAMP, Brazil) [email protected] or the ISCA office at [email protected]