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Environment and Sport Network

The ISCA Network on Sport and Environment is organised with the overall aim of promoting sustainable development and environment protection within the Sport for All movement. ISCA has been involved in the field of sport and sustainable development since 2003, when it signed a memorandum of understanding with UNEP. Since then several ISCA member organisations have taking up the challenges of adopting an environmentally friendly approach in which sport and nature are interrelated. The network serves as a platform for exchanging knowledge and inspiration and for providing learning opportunities and access to new partnerships in the fields of sport and environment. Several of the network members have ongoing bilateral contacts on the issue of sustainable development.


UFOLEP is the network leader and an organisation fully committed to this agenda, which is considered in all activities and targeted in specific projects. This year, UFOLEP will represent ISCA and the network at the event Nature & Sports EURO’MEET in 2015 in Northern Ireland.


Network partner organisations

The following partner organisations are part of the network:

  • UFOLEP – France
  • SUS – Slovenia
  • UISP – Italy
  • JUUS – Germany
  • UMFI – Iceland
  • SALSC – Scotland
  • NKS – The Netherlands
  • Atemia - France


Future strategies and activities in the network

The network’s work currently revolves around fulfilling four main objectives:

1. Transform current sport events into eco-friendly manifestations

2. Create a policy and plan the conception of different communication tools

3. Create training opportunities for managers and event organisers

4. Create new partnerships


The network is open for all and we welcome all organisations with an interest in the field of sport and environment.


More information about the network can be obtained by contacting the network leader UFOLEP at [email protected] or the ISCA office at [email protected].