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Badminton Network

The ISCA Badminton Network has been active for 10 years. The purpose of the network is to continuously develop badminton in our countries, both at a national and international level. Last year was in the spirit of tournaments. Participants from 6 different countries have been to tournaments in Denmark in November and at the ICCA Badminton tournament in April.

Our new goal is to prepare activities and education for teachers and children in schools and make more training and play for fun for people over 60 years (60+).


ISCA Badminton Network aims to be the platform for:

  • creating network between badminton leaders and organisations
  • discovering a variety of badminton perspectives and ideas
  • development through international cooperation
  • partnership agreements

The network’s recurring activities include:

  • ISCA Badminton Festival (every 2 years)
  • Other open tournaments by network members
  • Youth Camp (14-18 years) every year
  • Coach/player Camp (18-30 years) every year
  • Badminton Culture and Tourism Trips
  • Special events (national festivals etc.)
  • Badminton network meetings


The Network consists of 20 partner organisations, among these:

  • DGI, Denmark (Network Leader)
  • Czech Sokol, Czech Republic
  • Scottish Associations of local Sport Councils, Scotland
  • UFOLEP, France
  • Iceland Badminton Samband and UMFI, Iceland
  • Lithuanian Badminton Federation, Lithuania
  • USK ISKRA Babimost, Poland
  • Greenland Sport Confederation



Contact to the network:


All organisations interested in “Badminton for all” are welcome to contact the network leader Benny Andreasen  at [email protected] or the ISCA Secretariat at [email protected].