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Our services

What do you gain from your ISCA membership?

By being a member of ISCA, you have access to our big international network of  member organisations, collaboration partners and people that operate within sport and culture. Here, you are able to find a platform and inspiration for international co-operation on your activities and projects.


The membership and active participation in the ISCA network can benefit your organisation and its clubs as well as individual members. Your organisation can take part in all ISCA activities and events such as:


  - Multi-sport festivals, gymnastics festivals, dance festivals

  - Badminton tournaments

  - Youth camps

  - Expert conferences

  - Trainer & leader seminars

  - International youth leader education

  - “Travelling” sports and fitness workshops

  - Senior tours within sport, culture and tourism


The activities are organised either by ISCA and one or more partner organisations or organised by one ISCA member alone and then offered to all ISCA member organisations. As a member of ISCA, your organisation can promote and offer participation in these activities to your clubs and members.


In Asia, Latin American and Europe respectively, we also have continental committees which act as the Secretariat’s extended arm and they work specifically in the interest of member organisations in these continents. It is also a possibility for your organisation to join one of our working and activities committees. At the moment, we have a committee for badminton; general gymnastics; dance, music & folklore and youth, respectively.


Your membership also includes an information service that means you are updated regularly via e-mail and post on information and news relevant to you (see overleaf). For instance, you receive invitations to coming ISCA events, the biannual ISCA magazine CultureSports as well as PR material on current ISCA projects.


Not least, your organisation benefits from the work that ISCA does on the sports political scene internationally. We enjoy good co-operation with political institutions such as the European Union and its Commission and the Council of Europe and we have dealings with for instance UNESCO and UNEP. ISCA continuously works to create more attention and power to the area of "Sport for All" and ultimately to find more funding for our activities. To a certain extent, you may also draw upon our resource development services with a view to fundraising issues and development of your organisation.


In any case, the ISCA Secretariat is always open to whatever questions, queries or requests that you may have, and we do our utmost to service our member organisations to their contentment.



·        To provide a general introduction to ISCA, including a description of ISCA’s mission

         statement and the work we do – in an easily digestible form of text and photos.

·        To provide specific information on all ISCA activities and news (with online newsletter

         subscription), a member list and relevant links.


Target group:

·        The site is meant for both members and non-members, for the latter part in

         particular potential members and co-operation partners as well as political




The website is updated every week



·        To generally provide members with interesting and valuable information that they   

         can use in their work.

·        To inform members of future, present and past activities within and beyond the ISCA

         network, for instance coming festivals and calls for proposals from the EU.

·        To inform members of the ISCA office situation, for instance with a view to staff.


Target group:

·        The main target is member organisations (employees, volunteers and individual

         members), including all committee members.

·        Secondly, we also inform co-operation partners and political institutions of ISCA news

         and send the newsletter to potential members.


Basically, we have a mailing list for member organisations and their internal contacts and a non-member mailing list for other interested parties. We advertise the newsletter mailing list on our website (online registration), in our magazine and in the newsletter itself. Whenever office staff and committee members are travelling for meetings etc. they get often get relevant addresses for the mailing list.



Every month by e-mail (or more often depending on the news flow of interest). The newsletter can also be received in print, if desired

Magazine CultureSports


·        To spread the idea of ”Sport and Culture for All” and illustrate how popular sports

         and cultural activities can be used to promote intercultural understanding across

         borders – with ISCA as an important player being an international “Sport for All”


·        To draw political attention to the area of “Sport for All” where everyone has the right

         to participate in sports, also with a view to funding.


Target group:

Primary target group:

·        ISCA members (including the Executive Committee of ISCA and working


·        Political institutions and foundations.

·        Sports ministries around the world.


Secondary target group:

·        Co-operation partners.

·        Other international ”Sport for All” organisations.

·        Potential members.



·        Twice a year.

Events calendar


·        To collect and spread information on meetings and open, international events within

         the ISCA network mainly such that member organisations can exchange and join

         activities such as festivals, conferences and youth camps.


Target group:

·        The target group is ISCA member organisations and in particular the people

         responsible for activities and exchange in the ISCA organisations.



·        The updated calendar is available on the website and sent out to members once or

         twice a year by e-mail and post, usually in the European spring.

PR material


·        To provide printed material such as brochures and leaflets as well as videos etc. to

         promote ISCA and our specific projects, for instance the European Academy on Tour

         (EAT) and the International Youth Leader Education (IYLE) or in connection with our

         General Assemblies.


Target group:

·        Depending on the “product”, but most often ISCA members or particular groups

         within our member organisations. It can also be political institutions and foundations

         to attract funding.



Upon demand and when needed, often when a new project is under way.

Information e-mails


·        To send out separately news that we consider of importance to our members, for

         instance EU calls for proposals that demand fast reaction.


Target group:

·        Member organisations (the information e-mails are sent to everyone in the member

         e-mail database).



·        Four to five times a year, depending on the news flow and its character.

Member mail (snail mail)


·        To send members by snail mail any relevant brochures etc. on ongoing projects as

         well as invitations to internationally open events within the ISCA network.


Target group:

·        Member organisations (the member mails are sent to the contact person within the




·        Two to four times a year.

General information about ISCA


·        To describe ISCA – its aims, work and visions.


Target group:

·        Potential and new members, political institutions, other international “Sport for All”

         organisations, co-operation partners and other interested parties.



When requested or otherwise deemed necessary for instance in connection with meetings with potentially new members and co-operation partners.

Internal & external correspondence

This basically means communications by telephone, e-mail, post and fax.



·        To keep in close contact with our member organisations and committee members as

         well as any other relevant persons outside the “ISCA family”. We strive to get back

         to people as soon as possible and keep them updated on whatever ISCA business

         they might be involved in.


Target group:

·        Organisations and persons inside and outside the ISCA network.



·        It should always be possible and easy to get in touch with ISCA, whatever

         communication channel is used.