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Facility management tour in Barcelona ACTIVE Network Multilateral Exchange 19.10.2013


A number of grassroots sport organisations are managing facilities in the field of sport, culture and tourism. They are managing facilities and operating in the same field as, although with non-profit perspectives that in some cases are very different from, the ‘for-profit’ companies managing facilities on a 100% commercial basis.


The City of Barcelona and UBAE, as a leading promoter and provider of sport and fitness in Catalonia, have considerable experience in managing sports facilities. They shared their knowledge with the ACTIVE Network partners and MOVE Congress 2013 participants at an ACTIVE Network workshop on 19 October 2013 in Barcelona.


A facility management study tour was part of the ACTIVE Network workshop in Barcelona. The participants visited three UBAE centres:

-          Eurofitness The Sorrall

-          Horta Eurofitness

-          Eurofitness Badalona


UBAE is a leading promoter and provider of sport and fitness in Catalonia. It operates a number of facilities that are used for sport and physical activity including UBAE clubs. UBAE has been a regular and active participant in European projects on sport and physical activity with the MOVE Congress partners CESS and ISCA. Responsible governance, accountability and financial sustainability have been pillars of their success. UBAE currently operates 11 wellness centres, covering an area of over 80,000 m2, and serves more than 70,000 people, representing close to 6 million users per year.


The facilities are managed by directors who work with fitness and pool instructors. The use of the facilities is registered with a series of data including the number of users, their origin, age and gender. All this information helps to create a profile of the users, which enables an assessment of the demand for activities in the sports centres. From the capacity of the different organisations that process all this data, some management indicators will be obtained that will help UBAE make decisions which determine how sports centre evolve.


At the same time, it is essential to establish a communication plan that allows the exposure of the centre's activities in a universal and targeted way that is directed towards the different profiles of practitioners, in order to not only attract new users, but to maintain the existing ones. Internet, social networks, etc., have become a channel to consider.


Eurofitness The Sorrall


Eurofitness The Sorrall, is located in Mataro at the entrance of the city. It is an emblematic club with a vocation for service of health and sport set in almost 8000m2 of natural environment. The club has two indoor swimming pools and one heated exterior pool, hydromassage with water jets, spa, fitness room, directed activity rooms and more. Some of the activities include: aerobics, big dance, body combat, cycling, yoga, water polo, aquagym, children’s swimming courses and many more.


Horta Eurofitness

Eurofitness Horta is located in the city of Barcelona. Eurofitness Horta offers relaxation and comfort with magnificent views of the city which gives the club an incredible feeling of peace and tranquility. It has indoor swimming pools, one fitness room, three rooms for directed activity, Spa area, 1200m2 of indoor courts and 523m2 of outdoor courts. Some of the activities include: cycling, step, aerodance, fit classes, yoga, pilates and many more.





Eurofitness Badalona

Eurofitness Badalona is located in the suburb of Badalona  Llefià, between the cities of Badalona and Barcelona, with easy access by public transport. Taking advantage of the existing competition pool, the club expanded significantly in 2008 with a large annex building devoted entirely to fitness and wellness with new spaces, modern facilities and the latest machinery. Eurofitness Badalona offers customers a very wide range of sport and health activities, including outdoor activities due to its proximity to the “Besos” Park. It has two  heated swimming pools, a fitness room, a room for directed activity and a cycling room. It also has a beauty centre. Some of the activities include: aquagym, aquaxtreme, body combat, step, cycling and many more.



UBAE and City of Barcelona are keen to assist in the development of facility management within the ‘Sport for All’ sector and to inspire and initiate contacts and cooperation between facility operators and managers. They will also help other ACTIVE Network partners in the development of facility management in different countries.