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Desk Research



Throughout the duration of the ACTIVE Network project, we will collect desk research to document and compile the existing body of knowledge when it comes to partnership between sport organisations and local authorities. While several elements and principles of partnership are of a generic or universal nature, this project is “translating” these principles into practical everyday use with specific relevance for sport organisations and municipalities, including concrete examples.


Here is a summary of the desk research we have collected to date. It includes a variety of articles and case studies from across Europe, and links to tools to improve your partnership working.


Active Networks_Desk Research



The importance of the NGO – municipal relations in developing local democracy. A case study of two Lithuanian municipalities

An academic review of two Lithuanian Municipalities and their relationship in a developing local democracy.


Lithuania Case Study



The Nature of Hungarian Sport Associations after the Change of the Political System

This article describes the local sporting landscape in Hungary, after the re-emergence of democracy. It looks at the different roles and specifically the role of municipalities.





Working better together? Managing local strategic partnerships

The National Audit office in the UK has produced a comprehensive report on Local Strategic Partnerships. It aims to identify how well Local Strategic Partnerships and their partners manage local public service, performance and finances, explore opportunities for, and challenges to, improvement and provide practical guidance for partners in Local Strategic Partnerships.





COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS FOR FOOTBALL CLUBS: Club management programme from Australian Football League

With the support of AUSPORT, the Australian Football League has produced a club management programme in recognition that the on-field and off-field success of a football club relies heavily on other key members of the community and not just the football club itself.


Aus_Sport_ Community_Partnerships



Civic Entrepreneurship

A collection of case studies from the UK illustrating the value of Entrepreneurship within public sector and third sector.


Civic Entrepreneurship



Agile Government

A study from Australia looking at the importance of setting up agile governments that can respond to citizen’s needs.


Agile Government



Sport-in-Development: A Monitoring and Evaluation Manual

This manual for monitoring and evaluation provides a rational for monitoring and evaluation, what effective monitoring and evaluation looks like and how to implement it within projects.





A Healthy City is an Active city: A physical Activity Planning Guide

The World Health Organisation for Europe has created this comprehensive guide to setting up cities which promote a physically active lifestyles. The guide covers the economic and social justification for building city environments which promotes physical activity.


Active city_healthy city